Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Update

Hello, and Happy Spring!

I’m finding it so hard to believe that we are on to our last trimester of the school year.  The time has flown by!  Today we talked about how we have been in school for 120 days, so that makes us 120 days smarter. 

We have been learning all kinds of things in Kindergarten over these past few months.  We have been working super hard on counting to 100 by 1’s and counting by 10’s to 100.  We have been working on our writing and doing the best that we can to get all our sounds down that we hear so we can make as many words as possible.  We have also been working on all our reading skills.  We have been practicing “snap words” and learning about word families. 

Recently Mrs. Marvin suggested having a door decorating contest at school.  Our class hopped right on board to show that we have the most magical classroom at CDS.  Take a look below!

Have a Magical day!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mystery Box!

         October is all about Pumpkins in Kindergarten!  This month we will be learning all kinds of neat things about pumpkins!  Today I introduced it to the kids in our Theme Study Mystery Box! 

         Earlier today I placed a pumpkin in the mystery box.  I wrote four clues and gathered the kids around on the rug to read them. 

         Clue Number 1:  It is round.
         Clue Number 2: It has a stem.
         Clue Number 3: It grows on a vine.
         Clue Number 4: It can be many colors.

Now after giving them time to think I asked the class for their ideas on what might be in the box.  I got a lot of great and interesting answers and we wrote them on our class anchor chart.  Take a look below!

After we brainstormed ideas on our class chart we all went back to our seats to complete our worksheet.  The worksheet asked the kids to draw what they think the object in the box might look like.  After we got done we all came back to the rug to share what we had drawn.  All the kids worked really hard on their drawings of the object!  After everyone had shared I read the clues again one more time.  I asked if anyone’s ideas may have changed.  No one changed their answer.  I asked the kids for a drumroll and I pulled out the Pumpkin!  They were all so surprised.  This is a lesson I’m going to enjoy doing them for every theme unit!  Take a look at our mystery box and clues below!

Fire Safety Week!

Today we got to have a presentation from the Orrington Fire Department!  They allowed us to come outside of school and see their fire truck and gear, as well as teach us about the duties of a fire fighter! All the kids got to climb into the fire truck and put on the headsets that the fire fighters wear to communicate while they are driving.  Everyone got to feel like a real fire fighter! 
This week is fire safety week.  Take time to discuss with your kids about the importance of fire safety!  Sit down together to create a family escape plan from your home in case you were to ever have a fire.  Talk to your kids about the importance of always having two ways out of your home and a family meeting place.  Make sure your kids know how important it is to stay low during a fire, and to check all doorways before opening them.  We will be discussing in class why we should be checking fire alarms once a month, how to call 911, and how to stop drop and roll.  These conversations are always important to have!  Take the time to make sure your Kindergartener is an expert on Fire Safety! 

Here are some pictures from today!